Berry Smoothie with Avocado & Toast

A continuation of my adventure with smoothies… [first post on smoothies here]

Here is another pair of a smoothie and something on top of toast.

Avocado and Toast is a treat I thought I would never LOVE. Now I can’t stop eating it.  If it’s just simply avocado spread on toast, it’s delicious, but for this post, I’ve prepared it with a sunny side up egg topped with a pinch of salt and pepper ❤ just to prove how fancy your homegirl can get ;D

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Gettin’ Minty With It

Ever since I graduated high school, clear skin was something I lacked. I always thought it was very unusual because I was never aware of how common adult acne really is. It’s the worst.

Acne is the last thing someone should have to deal with along the stresses of school and work.

But recently, my skin has been FLAWLESS.


Just in case someone might be dealing with the same sh*t I was going through, I’m going to share my skincare routine.

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Food In New York City

It’s March 2018 and instead of getting black-out drunk at the beach for spring break, my two best friends and I decided to go to New York 😀

It was going to be my first time going to New York without family and I was beyond excited. I was so hyped up to just walk around, do some sightseeing, and shop, but I was the most excited about the variety of food that’s available in the city.

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